Cash Management

Want to increase your cash availability and streamline the way that you manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable? Use our customized products and services to meet your business's specific needs and goals.


ACH Origination - Direct Deposit

Do you want to simplify your payroll and accounts payable process?

Conveniently and securely initiate Direct Deposit through Online Banking to reduce the hassle and cost of paper transactions. This service will allow you to send electronic payments rapidly, accurately, and confidentially, so that you may pay employees or vendors.

Business Bill Pay

Would you like to be able to pay all of your bills in just minutes and from the comfort of your own desk?

Control cash flow with the efficiency of business bill pay. Using online banking, you can go online to schedule all your business's bill payments from one convenient location.

Business Debit Card

Would you like to streamline purchasing and have a more efficient method to track your spending?

Simplify your records and make purchases without using checks or cash. Plus, you can use your debit card to get cash and perform other ATM transactions.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Would you like to transfer funds to another financial institution by using the fastest means possible?

Using our wire transfer service is the fastest and most secure method of transferring funds from one financial institution to another financial institution. Funds can be transferred domestically or internationally the same day.


ACH Origination - Direct Payment

Do you want to ensure that payments are received from your customers in a simple and timely manner?

Conveniently and securely initiate Direct Payment through Online Banking to reduce the hassle and cost of paper transactions. This service will allow you to effortlessly withdraw funds electronically from your customer for recurring payments such as rent, dues, regularly-scheduled bills, or various other payments.

Incoming Wire Transfers

Would you like to receive funds from another financial institution by using the fastest means possible?

Receive funds securely and in a timely manner from any other financial institution by wire transfer.

Lockbox / Remittance Banking

Why not let us work for you?

Save valuable resources by shifting the workload of accounts receivable to us, while also speeding deposit processing. With this service, payments are mailed to a local Post Office Box so that we are able to efficiently and accurately process and deposit funds to your account daily, turning incoming receivables into usable cash with maximum speed.

Merchant Card Service

Why not expand your customer's payment options, while accelerating your business's revenue?

Expand your business by offering your customers the convenience of electronic payments. Your business will benefit from our safe, secure, and timely payment options.

Types of Payments Accepted

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PIN Debit
  • Electronic Gift Cards

Method of Payment Solutions

  • Free-standing Point of Sale terminals (land line and IP)
  • Solutions integrated with your Point of Sale Software
  • Virtual terminals and Payment Gateway solutions
  • Internet solutions and Integrated Shopping Carts
  • Wireless terminals
  • Mobile terminals

Remote Deposit Capture

Do you want to spend less time depositing checks and more time running your business?

If you deposit several checks a day, Remote Deposit Capture is the perfect solution for you. RDC will help streamline your business's daily routine by allowing you to make deposits remotely from your place of business. RDC will enable you to save time and money by making your daily deposits without leaving your office.