Personal Banking 7am-7pm

How is the iTM different from an ATM?
Personal, face-to-face interaction with a live bank teller.

How do I use the iTM?
Simply touch the Start button on the screen to talk to a live teller.

What kind of transactions can I do using the iTM?
Deposits, withdrawals, check cashing, account transfers, loan payments! Almost anything you can do with a lobby teller.

Will my conversation be private?
The iTM gives you privacy in many different ways.

  • Adjust the volume on the speakers.
  • Speak through a handset.
  • Utilize the chat feature on the screen to type messages.
  • Scan a written message on a piece of paper for the teller to read.

What hours will the iTM be available?
7AM - 7 PM Monday through Friday.

Is doing my bank transaction with the iTM safe?
Yes, the iTM is just as safe as a lobby teller. As when using an ATM, be cautious of your surroundings.

Can the iTM process my business transaction?
In most cases, yes. The iTM can handle business deposits and withdrawals.

iTM Locations

FNB Oxford
2149 South Lamar
Oxford, MS 38655

FNB Tupelo
165 S. Commerce Street
Tupelo, MS 38804